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Missouri's Choice For Dry Ice Supply

Local. Fresh.

High Density.

Dry Ice in Rice, Pellets, & Blocks

Dry Ice Services

Dry Ice Blasting

We are a full service dry ice blasting / cleaning rental and supply center and certified manufacturers representative for Cold Jet Dry Ice Blasting. 

Dry Ice Safety

Dry ice should always be handled with care and used in accordance to the material safety data sheet recommendations.

Our Service Area

We sell and deliver Dry Ice in Springfield, MO, Kansas City, Mo, St. Louis, MO, Columbia, MO, Tulsa, OK, Fayetteville, AR, E. Kansas & anywhere in between!

Containers & Bins

We offer a variety of container and Bin sizes to fit your quantity of dry ice ranging from 200lbs - 1,500+lbs

Dry Ice You Can Trust

Made Fresh


We Ship


Same Day, Next Day, or Pick Up

Our Happy Customers

“You told me you would be able to cut my consumption down and for now you have. Your ice is working better than what I used to get and I am sure it is because it is so fresh it works so much better. Also, your driver thanked me again for the business, he is just a very friendly person. I wish more drivers who came here were like him. "

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