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Uses & Applications 

Dry ice is the solid form of carbon dioxide, at – 109.3 ˚F, it offers a lower temperature than water ice, longer holding times and requires no clean-up.  Due to these unique properties, it has a wide variety of commercial uses in several different industries.


Dry Ice Uses

With the unique properties of dry ice there are a wide variety of uses some of the most common are below:

  •    CO2 / Dry Ice Blasting & Cleaning    

  •    Frozen Meat / Poultry / Seafood / Chicken 

  •    Gift / E-Commerce Shipping / Home Delivery / Online

  •    Pharmaceutical / Medical / Research / Bio-Tech

  •    Biological Storage & Shipping / Airline Shipping & Catering

  •    Blood Bank / Diagnostic Transport / Specimen Mailing

  •    Emergency Storage Food Freezing / Severe Weather     

  •   Grocery / Food / Ice Cream / Cold Storage   

  •   Shrink Metal Fitting / Tank Inerting   

We Can Supply Food Grade Dry Ice for Any Food Manufacturing Requirement

Dry Ice Fulfillment

E-Commerce - Frozen - Online Shipping

We specialize in working with businesses looking to use dry ice for direct to consumer frozen meat, meals, ice cream, pizza, frozen deserts with online marketplaces and frozen fulfillment. We can work with your company regarding specialty cut blocks to accommodate your product, package and desired shipment. We can put you in touch with frozen fulfillment centers that we work with in order to reduce delivery and holding expenses as your business grows.  


Call or email us today if you are currently shipping frozen goods via UPS or FedEx or have questions regarding the best way to ship  and package dry ice, safety considerations and packaging options.


"Dry Ice can be a significant expense when shipping, Contact Us today to make sure your business is making the best of your current supply and getting what you paid for!"

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