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Dry Ice Blasting Machines  

We are a full service dry ice blasting / cleaning rental and supply center and certified manufacturers representative for Cold Jet Dry Ice Blasting Equipment. 


The Aero® 40FP

Our mid-level machine, the Aero 40FP is a full pressure dry ice cleaning system that includes radial feeding system technology, which provides aerodynamic loading to reduce wear on pads and rotor; utilizes a compact motor that reduces weight and lowers power consumption; includes an enhanced rotor that provides pulse-free blasting and precision feed rate control; and has an onboard pressure regulator. Customized with accessories that will provide the best clean for your environment, the Aero 40FP provides new technology in a proven design.

Call us today in you are interested in dry ice blasting for your business.

All of our dry ice is produced for your job, locally and to order.  Warehoused dry ice shipped from out of state is often times soft and ineffective in getting your job done fast and efficiently.  

We produce high density dry ice 1/8" (3MM) pellet rice for blasting daily.

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